Frequently Asked Questions

Tryouts for 2016-17 Season

Do I have to attend all tryout sessions?
Players are encouraged to make as many sessions as they possibly can.  New players often improve their play over the course of multiple sessions as they become familiar with players and coaches in the group.  Attending multiple sessions also gives the coaches additional opportunities to evaluate you as a player and make the best decision when deciding to offer a position with a team.
What will I be evaluated on?
Players trying out are evaluated across 4 categories.  They are technical, tactical, physical, and mental.  Technical skills are related to a player's ball mastery and skill across various areas including dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, etc.  Tactical skills relate to a player's decision making, ability to read the game, and the intelligence of their play.  Physical traits include speed, stamina, fitness, quickness, agility, balance, ect.  Mental characteristics include work ethic, coachability, determination, composure, and a player's ability to interact positively with their peers.
With the new birth year changes, am I able to play up in an age group?
Offers will be tailored to a player based on a combination of their age and level to best fit what the player is looking for in their travel soccer experience.  While we anticipate the vast majority of players being with their birth year moving forward (especially from U15 and younger), there will be players offered spots in a year above if that team better suits the player's level.
Will everyone that tries out make a team?
Unfortunately, no.  Travel soccer is a competitive environment and depending on the team and age that you're trying out for, there may not be a fit or roster space for you.  
OK, but what should I do to get better to make that team in the future?
We've had many players not quite ready to be invited to a team full-time participate with that team in training and develop to a point where they were offered spots with the team in the future.  If you aren't offered a spot with a team but have a strong desire to make it in the future, please get in touch with that team's coach and see if training with the team or another one in our program is an option.
Are returning players required to try out?
Yes, all players interested in being on the team for the next year must try out.  The exception to this is for returning players with a severe injury that prevents them from trying out.
I'm interested in joining the team but I'm new to the program and injured.  What should I do?
Reach out to the coach of the team and have a conversation based on your level of experience and when you're expecting to be healthy.  If roster spots are available, it is possible to try out later in the year when you're healthy again.
How do I know if I make a team?
Players will be invited to join teams on a rolling basis once tryouts begin.  The coach will speak to you and offer you a spot, while following up with a formal offer letter shortly after.  Upon acceptance of a spot, players are required to submit a non-refundable deposit to secure their position on the roster.  This money is due up front because the team incurs payment deadlines almost immediately in the summer.  Players are expected to make a decision with an offer within 48 hours.
Is there financial assistance available?
Yes, there is financial aid available to those who qualify.  The application process occurs during the beginning of the Fall season.
What is Total Futbol?
Total Futbol is an organization that provides coaching services to clubs in the DC area.  We have an extensive track record of developing players and teams of all levels.  We've worked with many clubs in the area through the years.  We've developed some of the strongest teams in the country across a number of different age groups.  Our teams include multiple Virginia State Cup champions and we've had at least one team make it to State Cup Final Four every year for the last decade.  We also have over 60 players currently playing or committed to play at colleges across the country.
In addition to coaching teams, we offer summer camps, skill clinics in the winter, a futsal tournament, and College ID Clinics.  We also participate in a number of community outreach and charitable initiatives to help improve the area around us.  
That all sounds great, what should I bring to tryouts?
All players should bring a ball, water, cleats, and anything else needed to play soccer.
What happens if the weather doesn't cooperate?
We'll do our best to keep tryout sessions on without putting anyone's safety at risk.  Since most of our sessions are on turf fields, this may include tryout sessions on rainy days or otherwise temperamental weather.  
I made the team!  What happens next?
Congratulations! Each team will have a parent's meeting in the weeks after tryouts are concluded.  The teams will get together to discuss the plan for the next year, budget, and other pertinent items.