Chantilly Blast Win NCSL Division 2

The Chantilly Blast have seen steady improvement since Coach Matt Lee began working with the group a few seasons ago. That growth culminated in the Spring of 2013 as the boys cruised to an undefeated, championship winning Division 2 season.

Beginning the season on a 5-game winning streak, the team found itself at the top of the table from the start and didn’t look back. The team found success in a variety of ways to start the year, netting a pair of close shutout wins as well as 3 very attacking affairs which saw them score 12 goals. After settling for a pair of draws in their 6th and 7th matches, the Blast regained their form with a pair of dominating victories to close out the Spring session.

By the end, the team ran away with the division. Securing 23 points out of a possible 27 from their 9 games, they finished 8 points clear of the second place team. The group scored the most goals in the division while conceding just over one per game, which also gave them the best goal difference in the league. Great season, Blast!