Chantilly Cyclones win VA beach Columbus Day Tournament

The Cyclones recently teamed up with Coach Matt Lee in the summer and travelled down to Virginia Beach for the Columbus weekend tournament.
The boys got off to an unfortunate start, giving up two freak goals in the first half of game one against York Town Patriots but showing the desire and character to begin the fight back they scored four goals in the second half and won the game 4-2.
Next for the boys were Central Virginia United and they could not believe their luck after pressing the oppositions kick off to score within the first ten seconds. They doubled the lead midway through the first half and continued to control the possession of the ball. The second half got right back where the first half ended, the Cyclones continuing to move the ball around to account for multiple injuries that were picked up during this game. Due to this substitute bench was bare and the boys that started the half, stayed for the remainder of the game and did very well to close the game up with ten minutes left and keeping a clean sheet. Winning the game overall 3-0 and guaranteeing their place in the semifinal by winning the group.
The semifinal would be played against PWSI Black, this game proved to be an exciting game for everyone involved with a total of eight goals being scored. The first half had the cyclones up 2-1 with the goal keeper keeping PWSI at one goal for the half. The second half was pack with excitement for everyone with both teams exchanging goal for goal with some very nice strikes from both teams. The cyclones however came up victorious by winning the game 5-3 and booked their ticket to the championship game against Beach FC Black.
The championship game got off to a very fast start with both teams trying to get themselves on the score board early. The Cyclones were first to find the back of the net and this gave them a chance to continue to move the ball and learn the Total Futbol way.
It was clear to see that both groups were doing whatever possible and things were made difficult for the cyclones by losing their top goal scorer to a fractured wrist in one of the earlier games. But a five minute hat-trick for the speedy forward solidified the championship going back with Chantilly as they won 6-3.
An impressive start to the Cyclones campaign, with Total Futbol, playing some attractive soccer while scoring 18 goals and giving up 8.