Virginia State Cup Champions

November 3, 2019

Virginia State Cup Champions

Herndon Thunder Black, coached by Total Futbol's Matt Lee, won the Girls Under 18 Virginia State Cup Championship on November 3, scoring four goals and maintaining a clean sheet against their opponents, VAR 01G Rush. According to Lee, a heartbreaking loss in last year's championship match was a big part of this year's win.

"The Thunder Black girls have been on an amazing journey together," explained Lee. "Losing in the State Cup final in 2018 was tough, but it gave the team a powerful desire that has propelled them to a string of successes over the past 12 months, culminating in this championship. I feel lucky to have coached such a talented, hard working group of girls who are an absolute joy to be around."

Thunder Black's triumph marks the sixth time a TF-coached team has won a Virginia State Cup championship in the last 13 years. A few weeks after the State Cup, Thunder Black won its bracket at the prestigious Bethesda Premier Tournament and is currently ranked the #1 team in Virginia and the #8 team in Region I by GotSoccer for the GU18 age group. 



"Losing in the State Cup final in 2018 was tough, but it gave the team a powerful desire that has propelled them
to a string of successes over the past 12 months, culminating in this championship."
- Total Futbol Director of Coaching Matt Lee


In every year since 2006, one or more teams coached by Total Futbol have made it to the "Final Four" stage of the Virginia State Cup. 2019 was no exception: four TF-coached squads made the cut and two (including the winning Thunder Black squad) made it to the final round. Lee also co-coaches the Boys Under 18 team, Herndon Argentinos Black, which finished as 2019 State Cup Finalists.

"Argentinos Black are an incredibly strong-minded group of young men," said Lee. "Although they did not win the State Cup this year, they gained valuable experience in these types of games. With the guidance of my co-coach Guillermo Toloba, they will bounce back and achieve success both on and off the field because they challenge each other, as well as their coaches, to be better every day."


Fourteen Years of Final Four Finishes in the Virginia State Cup, 2006-2019

2019: GU18 Champions (HYS Thunder Black 02); BU18 Finalists (HYS Argentinos Black 02); GU17 Semi-Finalists (HYS Hurricanes Black 03); GU16 Semi-Finalists (HYS Crush 04)

2018: GU17 Finalists (HYS Thunder Black 02)

2017: GU19 Finalists (HYS United 99); GU15 Finalists (HYS Hurricanes Black 03); GU14 Semi-Finalists (HYS Hurricanes Black 03)

2016: GU19 Semi-Finalists (VYS Thunder Black 98); GU18 Semi-Finalists (HYS United 99)

2015:  GU19 Champions (MCLN Green 96); GU17 Semi-Finalists (VYS Thunder Black 98); GU16 Semi-Finalists (HYS United 99)

2014:  GU18 Champions (MCLN Green 96); GU15 Finalists (HYS United 99)

2013:  GU17 Semi-Finalists (MCLN Green 96); GU15 Semi-Finalists (VYS Thunder Black 98)

2012:  GU18 Semi-Finalists (HYS Firecats 94); GU16 Champions (MCLN Green 96); GU14 Semi-Finalists (VYS Thunder Black 98) 

2011:  GU17 Finalists (HYS Firecats 94) 

2010:  GU16 Champions (CYA Firecats 94)

2009:  GU15 Champions (CYA Firecats 94)

2008:  GU14 Semi-Finalists (CYA Firecats 94) 

2007:  GU13 Finalists (CYA Firecats 94) 

2006:  GU12 Semi-Finalists (CYA Firecats 94) 

NOTE: For the U12-U14 age groups, the VA State Cup is played in the Spring; for the U15-U19/20 age groups it is played in the Fall. 


Herndon Argentinos Black take the field for one of their hard-fought Virginia State Cup games.


Herndon Crush 04 made it to the Final Four of the Virginia State Cup in the GU17 age group, but did not advance to the championship match.