March 15, 2017

Total Futbol has restructured to better serve players and teams and to support its program offerings with dedicated resources and expertise. As a result of the reorganization, Todd Hamlin will now serve as Technical Director and Nadir Moumen will serve as Executive Director. As well, new Directors will lead TF's efforts in four key areas: Coaching (Matt Lee), Goalkeeping (Chris Torres), Programs (Jimmy Brewer), and Marketing (Ricky Ramirez).
According to Hamlin, the goal of the restructuring is to provide a consistent, more comprehensive product to players and teams. "We ask our players to constantly improve on the field, and we hold ourselves to the same standard off of it," he noted. "Formalizing these roles allows us to continue raising the quality of our offerings for things like our summer camps and charitable initiatives while continuing to expand our outreach and what we can offer to youth soccer players in the DC area."
"Jimmy, Chris, Ricky, and Matt combine for nearly two decades of coaching with Total Futbol," added Hamlin. "Between them, they've worked with nearly every one of our teams and are acutely aware of both the standards we hold ourselves and our teams to as well as our vision for the future. 
Along with the new titles, TF has consolidated functions and defined roles and responsibilities more precisely, as follows:


Executive Director
Technical Director
Executive Director: Oversee/support technical staff through all functions, organizational vision, all financial aspects
Technical Director: All team-related items, direct supervision of Directors, process documentation, website






Director of Coaching: Scheduling of coaches, tracking coaching education, creating TF curriculum, creating evaluation process
Director of Goalkeeping: All goalkeeping-related programming and issues
Director of Marketing: Coordinates all aspects of marketing, works with coaches/teams to highlight successes and accomplishments
Director of Programs: Responsible for all events and activities run by TF (camps, clinics, tournaments, etc.)
We asked each of the four new Directors to offer his vision for the future. Here is what they said:
Matt Lee, Director of Coaching
My main priority as Director of Coaching at Total Futbol is to hold the coaches to a high standard of coaching. This will include pushing all coaches to keep their education and knowledge current in an ever-changing and ever-expanding game. I am a strong believer in the truth that there is no one “right” way to play this game. Therefore, coaches must look beyond themselves to achieve growth, not just for themselves but for the benefit of their players. We seek to provide a strong, knowledge-based platform to coach our players to be the best possible players they can be.
Ricky Ramirez, Director of Marketing
It is a privilege to have an opportunity to further promote Total Futbol and its various programs and affiliations. As Director of Marketing, I intend to grow our social media presence, following and outreach. We’re going to use social media to communicate and share the many wonderful accomplishments being achieved by our deserving teams and players every day. I aim to appeal to a wide audience and create a family culture through our marketing program. Through our planned initiatives, I will strive to further expand the developmental opportunities for our players and ensure that there is always a steady supply of knowledge and resources available to them. Just like soccer, I intend my marketing to be a contact sport.
Chris Torres, Director of Goalkeeping
I'm really excited to be back with the program full time and to be responsible for further developing our goalkeeping program. We have a strong reputation of providing our players with the tools and guidance necessary to grow and fulfill their potential within the game. Our goal is to provide the goalkeepers with the best available training in the area — for all ages and levels — with an added emphasis on developing advanced GKs with the training necessary to be successful in college.
Jimmy Brewer, Director of Programs
I am extremely excited to take on the role as Programs Director for Total Futbol. My main priority will be to provide and enhance the existing programs which we offer. I hope to provide a variety of opportunities for players to improve their game and promote the ability for the TF family to better their surrounding communities. In the future, I will strive to incorporate everyone in the Total Futbol program to help us better our company and community.